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Specializing in Japanese omakase & packaging. Sashimi, sushi and various seafood catering. The menu is updated every week.

“look no further and you get fresh wasabi”

Sashimi night with sashimi from @moongasashimi. 4 of my favourite fish in one platter.....sea bass, red snapper, halibut and amberjack. If you’re looking for fresh sashimi, look no further and you get fresh wasabi with your order too.

Tasty dinner party

With fresh fish and ingredients delivered locally
Improve the quality of your party.


Available a quality party with a professional chef with over 10 years of experience if you with Moonga Sashimi.

Tom Moon

The owner chef of Moonga Sashimi.
Special he has over 20 years of experience since 18 years old. In Korea, following Korea, his passion for sashimi continues his current Moonga sashimi.

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The best way to experience our wide collection of sushis is to visit the instagram.

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